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August 24, 2004


Chris Silvey

The statement "I created x number of jobs in the y years I was in office" has always pissed me off when it comes from a politicians mouth. About the only way they can say that is if they mean they created x 'government' jobs, because God knows we don't have enough government employees at the federal, state, local, and special district levels (insert sarcastic voice as you read that last line...sarcasm is hard to convey in written form).

Another excellent post. You have quickly become one of my favorite sources of reading. Keep up the good work.


Thanks, Chris. And thanks for the link. Have received a noticable increase in traffic of late and I think its from your network of readers.

I agree that the "job creation" rhetoric is truly bizarre. Elected officials don't create jobs, other than by sinecure. Both Bush and Kerry are for job creation. Big surprise. Who, I wonder, would ever be against it? The question is, can a candidate make a credible argument that his policies will be in some respect growth-enhancing over the long run? (Blips in the number of jobs reported by the BLS from one year to the next could hardly be less relevant...)

Anyway, welcome to grad school! It's a wild ride...

James R MacLean

The only thing stupid is to believe the glib analysis that says "it's the economy, stupid." Let me specific. There is a subtext to the debate. It is this: Consumers ought to vote on the the state of the economy at the time of an election. Nothing is sillier.

Amen. Amen. Amen!

These words should be plastered on LED crawls everywhere.

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