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October 14, 2004



Where in this story do the professors who have red permits yet park in yellow spots fit?


Interesting point! I asked Dr. Boks and he said professors always park in the red spots because of their vanity and the near-infinite stigma associated with resembling a student in any way. Perks such as good parking spots and corner office are what faculty members care about most, says Boks. Thus, the rational faculty member plays according to type.

I pointed out that this was not true, empirically. Faculty members do sometimes park in green spots.

(Boks responded that he does not believe in data of any kind.)

Chris R

Ah, an economic theorist. If the argument doesn't involve the separating hyperplane theorem, it's not an argument at all. Too trivial.

You can sidestep the whole issue by getting a Nobel and thus a reserved parking space. Me, I'd just be up for ganking one of those golf carts. Running over pedestrians on my bike is starting to get old.

Leda Swan

My university is on the slope of a mountain, so it's full of stairs. Whilst professors can park inside the campus and almost on top of the mountain and work their way down, students park on the base of the mountain and make their way up! Your post just reminded me of that.

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