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December 02, 2004


Chris Silvey

"...and I do not support Bush's economic policies."

This is sort of a cop-out; I would be suspicious of anyone who supports Bush's economics policies (as a whole). But surely there are parts you agree with and parts you do not. It would be more informative to give specifics.

After re-reading the above I noticed that it is inane nitpicking...please forgive me...finals are in a week and I am rather irritable at the moment.

Philip Babcock

Understood, Chris. I'll be more specific. I think Bush has lacked fiscal discipline. That's it, in a nutshell. Cut taxes, increase spending, and let future generations worry about the rest. Doubtless, there have been positive apsects, as well. Double taxation of dividends, for example, never made much sense. But it seems to me that the thrust of his economic policy involves the shifting of burdens to future generations. Maybe he'll surprise me this term. I hope so.

I mentioned my discomfort with the President's economic policies in the post just to telegraph to readers that my purpose was not to defend Bush. There is ample economic illiteracy on both sides of the aisle. My purpose in the post was only to show how those who pretend to be smart and sophisticated in the media are often so poorly uninformed that they have become comical in their intellectual pretensiousness. Heck, this guy writes a whole column and hasn't bothered to look up the economic definition of the term he's writing about. As is so often the case, journalistic smugness substitutes for basic knowledge.

Good luck on finals. Trust me: Next year, things will be a bit more fun.


I voted for Bush, but I'm not a big fan of his economic policies either. I will second what Phil said about taxes and spending. I would also like to say that I don't think he's very good on anti-trust issues either. Has he prevented any mergers? And what happened to Microsoft being found guilty of whatever they were doing?

The only thing I like about the EU is that they stand up to mergers that the US won't.

That said, I don't think Bush is the unmitigated disaster that DeLong and Krugman make him out to be. I think he's about average: not great but not horrible either.


I agree, Kevin. Moreover, there's little evidence I could find that Kerry's policies would have been an improvement. A no-win situation, this election.

Jenalyn udani


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