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February 23, 2005


Christopher Silvey

Congratulations and good luck.

Chris R

Hey, another Motel 6-type department! And only a hundred miles away.

Seriously, congratulations. When's the party?


Thanks Chris S and Chris R.

Actually the econ department at Riverside moved 4 years ago from their legendary Motel 6 headqarters into a nice modern structure on the main campus. (A definite improvement over my office here... though that was not a factor in the decision: Every place I went had a better econ building than UCSD).

Alas, no party as of yet. I still have to grind out the rest of my dissertation by end of summer. Perhaps a party then!

Thanks again.


Hey Philip!

Many congratulations! I hope you have a fabulous time at UCR.

Kevin K

Congrats, Philip. You worked hard to get to this point. And how many people start out grad school with a locational preference in mind and then get it? Not many, I reckon.


Thanks Vinayak. Thanks, Kevin. Yes, it *was* fortunate to get something in CA. Geographical preferences usually have to be discarded in this business. (All I have to do now is finish the damned dissertation...)

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