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May 24, 2005


Kevin K

I too think DeLong has gone as bonkers as Krugman has. Sometimes, I think all political commentators go banannas in the limit. I put Josh Marshall in this category as well. All three--Krugman, DeLong, and Marshall--used to be reasonable and made points that made me re-examine my positions. That's rarely the case anymore.

I think Yglesias and Drum have mostly kept it together which is why I enjoy reading them and challenging myself.

Oh well, I'll do almost anything not to work on my dissertation...


Still waiting for that Delong critique...

Especially for a rebuttal to:
"From biologists, because Republican politicians say they don't believe in evolution." --i.e., Bill Frist & President Bush thinking both should be taught as science.

"From all corners, because Republican politicians are the tools of lobbyists and do not respect the evidence about anything." And while you're defending this one, give me the name of the highest profile Republican not currently ensnared in a scandal. There are at most only a handful in the entire capital who aren't at the very least tainted by DeLay/Abramoff money...


Hi Doug. Good heavens. If you'll read again, it's a Delong *defense* I promised, not a critique, the critique having already been offered. I'll repeat it, I guess, because you seem to have overlooked it in partisan enthusiasm.

"Delong focuses on caricatures," I wrote. So do you.

Republicans need not disbelieve in evolution any more than Democrats have to believe in, say, some Luddite ideal of non-development.

I can name lots of prominent Republicans who believe in evolution. Too many Republican leaders *do* indeed espouse silly things. I do not support them! I do however vote for moderates of either party, depending on their positions.

But--and here's the whole point of the post--the leftward tilt in academia is simply not explained by academics rejecting positions held by the religious right! It is stark and profound on issues of global trade and unemployment, as well. I find this very interesting, not just an opportunity to take potshots at one party or the other.

You think that Delong's observation ("Republicans are the tools of lobbyists and don't respect evidence") explains their dearth in academia? Talk about a one-sided caricature! You think Democrats aren't beholden to lobbyists as well? And Democrats respect evidence? Nonsense. Neither party's political figures show much respect for evidence.

"Republicans are bad and foolsih and Democrats are good and smart." This is what I glean from your comments.

I disagree. I find valid and invalid poistions in both parties. Neither party has a monopoly on economic foolishness. But this is not a raving partisan blog. If you're really looking for someone to defend Republicans and demonize Democrats (or vice-versa), and if this is the lens through which you wish to view the issues of the day, you'll need to look elsewhere.

(There are lots of cable shows that fit the bill nicely.)

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