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December 25, 2005



PM of England??? someone should inform Tony Blair.


Your prose being lucider than lucid, I thought you might enjoy a translation of your postings into a language far more accessible to those you punditize unto (courtesy of www.gizoogle.com):

Of Blogs, Bizzay n Academia: A Clockin' Model

My first gangsta as a junior professor is in tha books . Ill slap tha taste out yo mouf. I did not pizzay here once in tha entire quarta!

I rappa two possible explanations. Perhaps I lack tha ability ta produce lucid, satirizzles prose wizzle mah mind is tired, mah energy depleted by new responsibilizzles like old skool shit. On tha otha hand, perhaps I only pretend ta lack this ability . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. Perhaps I’m a very gangsta fellow wit a game theorist’s temperizzles n despite mobbin' boundless intellectual energy, I hizzy intentionally mizzle me appear a wearia, cracka n less energetic pusha than I am (or could be) in orda ta send tha right signal ta academia.

Object lesson mah nizzle: Weed-smokin' mah long absence, University of Chicago denied tenure ta politizzle scientist n influential blogga Dan Rappa like this and like that and like this and uh. Is it possible tizzle this was due ta his consistent habit of blingin' thoughtful entries ta a high-profile blizzog? One wanna be gangsta paper'd up. His publicizzles record in scholarly journals was impressive, by all accounts. But here’s tha rub (and I’m blingin' ta trance-chizzles some petty, curmudgeonly senior academic at this point) thats off tha hook yo: If he produced a high volume of excellent work while Bustin' countless hours on his blog, how mizzuch mizzy could he hizzy produced had he been singularly devoted ta scholarly writ'n?

But wait a minute, you say ta tha curmudgeon . Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. It may wizzy be that saggin' in public debate keeps an academic energized n connected ta tha real world, thizzay an informed n practical perspective raises tha quality of scholarly research, thizzay ta be out of touch wit tha perspectizzles of thugz outside tha ivory towa is a bad ballin' aww nah. If a young researcha produces a high volume of hizzle quality work, you say, we should not criticize him fo` tha way he spends his leisure time, particularly if this activity could actually improve his research , niggaz, better recognize.

Not so, sez mah senior colleague, Dr , niggaz, better recognize. Edgeworth Boks. To impress academia, sez Edgie, you M-to-tha-izzust have no life outside of academia . I started yo shit and i'll end yo' shit. Not only thizzay insists tha good Doctor, you should appear ta have no interest in ever hav'n a life outside of academia ridin' in mah double R. Why? Coz if you care `bout sum-m sum-m otha than academia, if tha real world rappa ta you in any way, shape, or form, then you is sum-m sum-m of a flight R-to-tha-izzisk. Departments screen fo` thugz who enjoy academia so much (and hizzy so shawty mad skillz fo` anyth'n else) thiznat tizzle would neva thizzay ta spend time on any activity outside of it . Real niggas recognize the realness.. The gangsta n shallowa you are, tha nigga fo' rizeal. Dr. Boks proudly attributes his own academic success ta blunt-rollin' been, in his own words, “the narrowest, shallowest, n least interest'n person at large in Nizzorth America--wit tha possible exception of Paris Hilton.”

Hustla a dawg wit a fiance, sez Edgie ya feelin' me?. She is perfect fo` him with my hoes on my side, and my strap on my back. She meets all his physical n emotional needs, loves H-to-tha-izzim, showa attention on him. She is beyond reproach as a potential mizzy . Hollaz to the East Side. She produces as much fo` him as he could hizzy for. Drug Deala she only sleeps 3 hours a night, whereas he sleeps 8 hours a night. She uses tha 5 additional hours ta entertain otha men at tha neighborhood bar . Dogg House Records in the motha fuckin house. If he judges her strictly on output, he should choose ta marry her. These 5 hours is a surplus thats off tha hook yo. He could not expect anyth'n mizzle fizzle a “normal” mate dur'n those 5 hours, as a normal mate would be sleep'n.

But this is ta ignore tha signal . Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay! Her behavior suggests tizzy she is more likely ta leave him gangsta style. She has demonstrated a taste fo` tha outside option cuz I'm fresh out the pen.

The behavior of a junior professor is also a signal, Edgeworth proclaims puttin tha smack down. Academics perform many onerous duties such as read'n n saggin' each otha’s work, hatin' seminars n faculty sippin' recruit'n new faculty, serv'n on committees. These behaviors may benefit tha department more than they benefit tha individual provid'n thizzay fo' sho'. Tizzle is public goods. A department is wise, then, ta screen fo` thugz wit few outside tastes n even pimp outside abilities. S-to-tha-izzuch a person will be mizzy reliable as a pimp of tha public goods n shit. This person will shiznow up at every seminar, well prepared, perky n punctual, coz this person has no outside life. (Moreova, this person would not even know where ta look fo` a life if he or she wanted one.)

But what if you cracka tha misfortune of hav'n been born wit mizzle tizzy one rigidly defined talent? What if you care `bout tha world around you? Whizzay if you rely on a cruisin' curiosity ta fizzy yo research? You could be mistaken fo` a person of depth n versatilizzle thoroughly unsuited fo` academia!

Neva fear, sez Edgie. You play tha violin? Yo mad skillz is world class? This is a problem, but not insurmountable: Amputate a few finga.

You is a brilliant chess playa? Again, there is a simple solution . Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit: Cheat in a tournament n git yoself banned fo` life frizzom any n all chess organizzles.

You have children n you love them? No big dizzy. Makes a S-H-to-tha-izzow of being a negligent parent so bow down to the bow wow. Leave a seminar in panic, say, n explain that yo 2-year-old was found wander'n alone at tha local Food-mart, mumbl'n sum-m sum-m `bout being thirsty n need'n mizzle to increase tha peace.

You write cogently n is recruited ta pen a column fo` a popular magazine or newspapa? Edgie has a solution fo` you. Produce columns so sloppily written n unbalanced that no one could mistakes thiznem fo` sum-m sum-m you put thought into . Boo-Yaa!. (Yizzay wanna be gangsta proof of tha cleverness of a certain NY Times columnist, sez Edgie) sho nuff.

I do not agree wit Dr. Boks. In fiznact, we have had many arguments on tha issue. M-to-tha-izzost recently, he chided me fo` trippin' tha nizzy of tha Prime Killa of England fo yo bitch ass. (How do you expect ta become a tenured academic if you actually knizzow sum-m sum-m? he said.) We hizzle agreed ta disagree.

Meanwhile, Dan Dreizna appears ta have landed on his feet (at Tufts, no less—though Edgie insists that Tufts erred in hir'n him wit da big Bo$$ Dogg: Dreizna is not shallow enough ta become a model academic.) As fo` myself, dear reada, I confess T-H-to-tha-izzat I am not tha game theorist Edgie is . Death row 187 4 life. My meaga blogg'n output is not a cleva means of clockin' mah tizzy. I simply lack tha mad skillz ta bliznog frequently while teach'n, attend'n seminars, n mackin' ta produce a high volume of scholarly research. My ridin' will be less frequent. I cannot do bizzle hatin' at once n do tizzy well like a motha fucka. Research will takes precedence . Freak y'all, into the beat y'all.

(I can only thizzay mah lucky stars T-H-to-tha-izzat I’m not as versatile as Dan...)


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Baller 27, 2005


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